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5-Step Guide to Creating Your First Book


Turn Your Blog Posts into a Book in a Weekend!

Your book is the key to boosting your blog and your business and taking it to the next level. Your book will bring you instant authority and credibility because you will have literally written the book on the topic. It will also help you reach a wider audience, allowing you to connect with new readers and build relationships with them. And it will open all sorts of new doors for you…opportunities for more interviews, publicity, speaking gigs…all just by creating one book.

Bloggers, do you have blog posts that you know you can do more with? Have you been wanting to repurpose your content into a book, but it seems too complicated and time-consuming?

I have great news! It’s can be super easy AND have great benefits for you! Turning your already created content into a book will help you become an authority in your niche and help you make more money!

It’s a lot easier to write one than you think! I’ve created a free worksheet bundle to show you just how easy it is to get started. These worksheets will help you take your book from dream to easy-to-follow plan. Spend just a few minutes going through this guide and you’ll have a blueprint for a book that your readers will want to buy.

The 5-Step Guide to CREATING Your First Book

Using Content You Already Have!

  • A GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST that outlines each step that you should take to begin your journey as an author.
  • The CHOOSING YOUR TOPIC worksheet will walk you through several ways to find a few topics to focus on and test.
  • The WHO’S YOUR READER worksheet helps you create an avatar or reader profile for the ideal reader of your book. You’ll use this avatar to help you create content, edit your book, and in marketing your book, too.
  • The TEST YOUR AUDIENCE worksheet walks you through testing your topic ideas your readers, helping to make sure you don’t waste time writing a book that nobody wants.
  • Once you’ve tested your idea, the CREATING AN OUTLINE worksheet will help you organize your ideas so that you can get your book or eBook written ASAP.
  • You have your outline…now it’s time to COMPILE AND PUBLISH your book!

Hi, I’m Beth!

I’m a blogger and the author of four books, including a #1 Amazon Bestseller. I published my first book, Yoga for Runners, in less than 30 days by collecting the blog posts I had already written, tweaking them a bit, and putting them into a single book. That book has helped me build my expert status and build my business as a result. 

I was shocked at how easy it was to create and self-publish my book, which inspired me to create Blogger to Author. I want to show you just how quick and easy it can be to turn your content into a book so you can build credibility and authority, set yourself apart from other bloggers in your niche, and earn a little extra money, too!

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