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How a Book Will Bring New Leads to Your Business

Are you a business owner looking for new leads for your business? Or, are you a blogger who would love to bring new readers to your site, helping you reach more people with your products and services? Today I’d like to give you some reasons why publishing a book will help you bring new leads into your business.

Learn how a book will help you bring new leads to your business, whether you're a blogger or other entrepreneur.



One of the main ways that we reach new readers and potential clients is by selling our book on a platform that’s different from our websites. Most of the people who are coming to our website already know us, especially if they’ve been following us or reading our blog for a while. If they are already coming to our website, that’s not really a way to bring in new leads to our business because they’re already warmed up to your brand and business.


To find new clients, you should focus on selling your book in places other than your blog. I personally sell mine on Amazon. As of the time I’m writing this, Amazon is one of the biggest places for people to get their books these days. So, I’d strongly recommend selling your book on Amazon. This is particularly true for eBooks—currently, most eBooks are sold via Amazon’s Kindle. You can also reach new clients by selling your book with smaller, local book sellers if you have physical copies of your book.



Exactly how does selling your book then translate into new leads becoming familiar with your brand and business? People who would normally not find your website will find you through Amazon or wherever they’re getting the book. They’re going to start to get to know you by reading your book, and they’re going to begin to trust you as an expert in your field as they start to implement what you’re teaching them.  If your reader picks your book up for a reason, you need to make sure that you help them fulfill that reason or that need.


They may want to learn a new skill, or maybe you’re going to help teach them something. Whatever that is, you need to really make sure that you’re fulfilling your readers needs. When you do that, when you give them wins, you’re going to help you build a relationship with your readers. They’re going to start to learn to know they can trust you. They’re going to see you as a person who knows how to solve their problems and hopefully do it relatively easily. Those wins will really give them motivation to further invest in your business and they’re going to want to work with you in the future.



Another way to bring new leads to your business is to use your book to drive readers to your website. Within your book, tell people how to find you. Include a page with your website and your social media channels and make sure that it’s really easy for people who pick up your book to find you where you’re creating content. That allows you to build more of a relationship with your readers.


My business coach always likes to remind people that you should ideally get people in your warm market to follow you in three different places that’s going to help you really build those relationships. By getting yourself in front of your readers on a regular basis, they’ll to get to know you more. By consistently seeing your high quality content, they’re going to start to know you as somebody who is an expert in your field and somebody who can help them. Make sure that you’re building the relationship with your readers, continuing that relationship outside of your book on your other platforms.



I would really suggest that you consider including a content upgrade with your book. Create a special page on your website where you trade a free resource for your reader’s email. It’s a great way to build your email list with readers who have already made the small investment of purchasing your book. If your book is an eBook, you could including a clickable link. Physical books can just include the URL for the content upgrade page; just make sure it’s something easy to type out.


What should your content upgrade be? Give your reader just a little bit of something that is going to help them take what your teaching in your book and just make it a little bit easier or make it a little bit clear.  You could offer a training video, worksheets, or maybe even a great list of tools that you use as part of whatever you’re teaching. Just think about something that you can provide to your book readers that will actually really make them want to go to your website. At your website, they’ll be able to check out any other products or services that you offer.



The bottom line: use your book to begin to build a relationship with new potential clients. Start to build trust with your book, then use that trust to help bring your book readers over to your business. If they’re interested enough in your topic to buy your book, they’re much more likely to invest further in your business. And, you’ll be adding passive revenue to your business via book sales. It’s a win-win for your business!