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Boost Your Health Biz with a Self-Published Cookbook


I think this episode is going to be of particular interest to those of you who are recipe creators, whether you’re a food blogger or you just share occasional recipes on your blog or social media. Many of you have probably thought about creating a cookbook. Some of you may even have a digital cookbook that you sell on your website as a PDF. Whether you’ve actually put together or you’re simply dreaming of doing it someday, I think you’re going to enjoy this episode.


In Episode 33 of the Blogger to Author Podcast, I’m interviewing Brittany Suell, author of the cookbook Simply Sugar Free. Brittany has been a health and fitness blogger for several years, and she turned her passion for sharing recipes made without refined sugar into a cookbook. That cookbook has helped her become known as an expert in sugar-free living, helping her land media attention while at the same time growing her business.


Blogger to Author Podcast Episode 33 - Boost Your Biz with a Cookbook with Brittany Suell


Some things I want you to listen out for as you’re going through this episode:


First, I think you’ll get some really great ideas from Brittany for how you can use your book to grow your business. Brittany’s cookbook has helped her bring new clients into her Sugar Free Academy program. It’s also helped her build her status as an expert in going sugar-free, which has, among other things, helped her create the momentum she needed to launch her upcoming line of snacks, Simply More Snacks. Her cookbook is what allowed her to open many doors for her business.


Also, I want you to realize that a lot of what has contributed to the success of Brittany’s cookbook, and the impact that it’s had on Brittany’s business, is the fact that she has her cookbook in print. Having that printed copy of her book sitting next to her during a television interview is HUGE. Having her book for sale in stores in her community has helped her build brand recognition. Sharing photographs her fans have taken with their copy of the Simply Sugar Free Cookbook has helped her build excitement around her brand. A lot of what Brittany’s cookbook has brought to her business is due to the fact that she has her cookbook IN PRINT. So, I hope this inspires you to work to get your cookbook into print, too. (I promise, it’s easier than you think.)





Brittany Suell is a wife, and mom of 2 little ones. She is the author of the Simply Sugar Free Cookbook, and a health and fitness professional, and Yoga Instructor in Abilene, TX. Brittany is passionate about helping women live the healthy and fit life that they desire and deserve, and believes that as women change, they become a catalyst to change the health of their families. She believes that there is a direct attack on the health of women that keeps them from living their happiest and fullest life. It is her passion to help call out the giftings in others, and to help them identify the attacks of Satan on their destiny so that they can live in the fullness that God has for them, and leave a healthy legacy for generations to come!


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Click here to get Brittany’s Sugar-Free Granola Recipe.



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