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Create Your Own Cookbook Course

Hold your own cookbookin your hands!

The fast track to self publishing your cookbook in 30 days or less!

Finally fulfill your dream of becoming an author!

You have the recipes.

You have the food photos.

You want a cookbook, and you don’t want to wait for a deal with a traditional publisher. (Or, maybe you just want to keep a bigger cut of your book sales.)

But, you’re a busy food blogger. You don’t have time to research how to self publish a book. You’ve got enough going on between creating new content with your blog and keeping up on social media…you don’t want to spend your Friday nights dating alone with Google and a glass of wine, trying to figure things out.

That’s where Create Your Own Cookbook comes in.

This course is your one-stop blueprint to self publishing your own cookbook. You’ll learn how to plan and create your own cookbook using tools that every blogger is familiar with (like Canva, instead of learning how to use complicated programs like Adobe InDesign).

No more wasting time on Google.

No more aimlessly working on another project without knowing exactly how you’re going to get to the finish line.

You’re going to get the exact details to take you from cookbook idea to printed cookbook you can hold in your hands.

what’s in the course?

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do in the course:

  • Choose a topic for a cookbook that your audience will actually want to buy
  • Plan out what should go in your cookbook
  • Stay inspired so you can follow through and actually finish (and publish) your cookbook
  • Get inspiration for the interior of your cookbook so it’s as beautiful as your food photography
  • Design your cookbook in Canva (which you probably already have a pretty good handle on)
  • Format your book and prepare it to get your cookbook into print
  • Submit your book to Kindle Direct Publishing (including KDP Print) so your book’s available on Amazon (and so your readers can have the PRINT book they really want, not just an eBook)
  • Begin to market your book to build some buzz for a bigger launch
  • And MORE!

That’s tons of support and detailed answers for you, the help you need to finish your book fast.

The first module will drop in mid-August. After that, new modules will be released every 1-2 weeks.

Ready to become a cookbook author?

$199 JUST $97

Beth Brombosz, PhD


Beth Brombosz is an author, copy writer, and content creator, and is the host of the Blogger to Author Podcast. In 2015 she turned some of her own blog posts into her book Yoga for Runners, and she did it in under a month. Her book has helped her build her status as a go-to expert on yoga for runners and athletes. Beth is now the author of four books in print, in addition to several eBooks. She’s passionate about helping fellow bloggers turn their content into a book so they can build authority and credibility in their niche, share their passion with the world, and earn passive income.

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