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Blogger to Author Course – Self Publish Your Nonfiction Book FAST


Have you thought about writing a book but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to write a book, but you never seem to find the time to actually write it?


Don’t worry, I was there, too, when I started to write my first book. That’s why I want to help lead you through your journey to becoming an author. I’m incredibly excited to tell you about my Blogger to Author 30 Day Course.


You have a unique purpose in life, and writing a book is a wonderful way to share that purpose. Being an author will also help you build authority in your niche, and will also help you generate passive income.


However, figuring out the exact steps you need to take to put together a book and get it in the hands of readers can be daunting. That’s where I’ll help you. In the “Blogger to Author” course, I’ll walk you through each step you’ll need to create, market, and self publish your book.



So many content creators think that they need to reinvent the wheel and write completely new content for their book. Don’t waste your time! Instead, find content you’ve already written or created and use that to help write your book.


Whether you have a great group of helpful blog posts, an existing short eBook, or a set of videos that you can transcribe, you’ve already started to write your full-length book. Let me help you re-purpose that content into a book that can reach and even more people . You’ll be able to write your book in record time!


Here’s what you’ll get with the course:


  • Daily training emails Monday through Friday with a task to complete that will help you write, publish, or market your book. (Saturdays and Sundays are left open to leave you time to write your book and/or catch up on that week’s tasks.)
  • A 30 minute video consult with me to talk through planning the content of your book, as well as marketing your book.
  • Access to a closed Facebook group where you can interact with other bloggers in the course. This is a HUGE asset because:
    1. The Facebook group will ask like a mini-mastermind. You can shoot ideas off of each other (and me), whether it’s about your book’s content, how to market your book, or even ask for opinions about the look and design of your book.
    2. Participants can cross-promote other participants’ books, giving you a greater audience potential audience for your book.
    3. Participants can read each others’ books and provide quotes about the books, which can be used for promoting the book.
  • Tutorials on how to put together and format your book, including submission to Amazon CreateSpace to get printed copies of your book, and to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, the #1 source where most readers are going for their eBooks today.


The next Blogger to Author course will begin on Monday, August 29th. The cost of the 30 day course is just $97, which will enroll you in the course and will give you access to everything listed above. I guarantee your satisfaction with the course, or I’ll give you your money back.

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I’m happy to set up a free 15 minute consult with you to talk through your plans for your book and to answer any questions you might have about the course. Sign up here!