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Design Your Book Like a Pro feat. LeAnna Weller Smith


Self-publishing is more popular than ever, which means more and more writers and authors are DIYing all aspects of their books, including designing the books themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes self-designed books are pretty obvious, especially self-designed book covers. But don’t worry, you’re not fated to have a mediocre (or worse) book cover or interior.


In this episode, I’m honored to feature an interview with professional designer LeAnna Weller Smith. LeAnna has decades of experience in design, and she has an extensive background in book design. Her book covers and interior designs have graced the titles of many publishers, and she truly has a talent for creating eye-catching designs for her clients.


I strongly encourage you to check out the book designs she’s created. (Click here to see her portfolio.) I think her work and this interview will inspire you to think more about the design of your book, and how you can make your book more visually appealing to your readers.


Episode 39 of the Blogger to Author Podcast - Design Your Book Like a Pro with LeAnna Weller Smith



LeAnna is the owner and Executive Creative Director of Weller Smith Design LLC, a boutique design studio. She started her design career in advertising and book publishing and over time, as her clients needs shifted, she moved into the digital realm. She has 20+ years experience and has worked with clients ranging from corporate to cultural. Her and her team specialize in creating thoughtful design solution for print, branding, and web that reflect the client’s vision and mission.


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Where you can find LeAnna:

Weller Smith Design website



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