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eBook/eCookbook Canva Template

The Stress-Free Way to Design Your eBook!

You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into writing an eBook (or eCookbook) to serve your audience. You’ve spent the time polishing and editing your book, and you’re so excited that it’s finally time to publish…except you forgot one thing. The design.

Maybe you’re too busy to design your eBook yourself. Maybe you don’t have the design skills necessary to draft up your own design. Either way, you need a beautifully-designed eBook template that you can put your content into so you can make your eBook a reality—fast.

That’s where my eBook & eCookbook template comes in!

This eBook template was created to make your life easier. It’s made in software you probably already know (everyone’s favorite: Canva). I’ve created templates for all of the pages you’ll need, based on my work with my private design clients. Simply grab a copy of the template, put in your content, and BOOM! Your gorgeous eBook is ready to go.

This template has been designed to easily fit the aesthetic of your blog or brand. You can easily modify any of the page templates to fit your brand, swapping out elements like colors and fonts with ease. It’s super easy to make your eBook match your “look” with this template. (I know you don’t have the time to mess around with a bunch of tiny details!)

And, with this template, you’ll get designs for all of the pages you might need in your eBook or eCookbook. The 20-page document features templates for the following pages:

  • Cover (2 designs)
  • Copyright and disclaimer page
  • Table of contents
  • Welcome/introduction page
  • Section title page
  • Chapter title page (2 designs)
  • Main content pages (5 designs)
  • Quote/separator pages (2 designs)
  • Shopping list
  • Meal plan
  • Recipe page (2 designs)
  • “About the Author” page

Not a cookbook author? No problem! This template will still work wonderfully for your eBook. Just skip over the food-related pages (recipe pages, shopping list, meal plan).

You know you need a design for your eBook and you need it fast. AND, you don’t have a ton of time to figure out how to make a template match your branding. This eBook template will make everything simple for you, so all you have to do is save it and sell it to your readers.

Get Your Copy of the eBook & eCookbook Canva Template!

Let’s make designing your eBook as quick and painless as possible! Grab your copy of the eBook template below, based on how you’ll be using the template (once or for multiple eBooks):

Buy this version of the template if you only plan to use this design once. The single-use license entitles you to create one eBook for yourself or a client using this template.

Plan to create multiple eBooks using this template, or will you be using the template for multiple client projects? You’ll need the extended license.

With either version, once you check out, you’ll receive a PDF with instructions for how to access the template in Canva.

The other legalese:

  • You may not resell this template. (This should go without saying.) When you purchase a license, the rights to use the template are given only to you (including your use on a client project)
  • You must add your own text and branding (including fonts, colors, logos, images, etc.) to this template in order to use it or sell it. (You may not simply save the Canva document as a PDF, for example, and distribute it.)
  • The design of this template is copyrighted. You may not copy the designs in this template and claim them as your own or resell them for your own profit. (That’s stealing…not cool.)

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