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Welcome to the Blogger to Author Podcast


I am so incredibly excited to be launching the Blogger to Author Podcast! I know that bloggers are busy, and we don’t always have the time to read up on everything we’d like to do for our blogs. My hope is that this podcast will empower you to learn about becoming an author while you’re driving, doing the dishes, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. (I personally listen to a LOT of podcasts when I’m feeding my infant daughter!)


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I began my own journey to becoming an author back in 2015. A bit of background: I’m both a certified running coach and yoga teacher, and I became a yoga teacher so that I could teach yoga to runners and help them learn how yoga can make them stronger, injury-resistant runners. I’d been blogging about yoga for runners for years, and I decided to take those blog posts and turn them into a book. Because I had so many blog posts to start with, it took me less than 30 days to put together my book and self publish it. I know firsthand how having a book can totally change things for you and your blog, so I want to help make it easier to get your book out there!


A book can totally change your blog, something that I’ll be talking more about in Episode 1. It really will help you set your blog apart from other blogs, and it will help you build a lot of authority. The good news is that if you’ve been blogging for a bit, writing your book is going to be easier than you think. Don’t be afraid to start your journey to becoming an author!



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