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Finding Your Creative Flow feat. Logan Miehl


It’s pretty easy to feel “stuck” with your writing. Sometimes the creative juices just aren’t flowing, and you can spend what seems like days staring at a blank computer screen, hardly getting any words out. How do you spark your creative process and get your creative flow going? If you sometimes struggle with your writing, you’ll love this interview with author Logan Miehl. You’ll learn some great tips for helping you foster your creativity, and how to become a successful author, too.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Ideas for finding your creative inspiration
  • How to nurture your creativity
  • How to keep your creative flow going
  • Why making money may not be the best motivation to write your book
  • How to find your creative process—what helps you get in your creative zone?
  • How to find the right genre for you and your passion, and why it’s okay to experiment with genre
  • The importance of following your passion when it comes to writing books
  • Tips to help you improve your writing process
  • Why you need to network with other writers in your genre


Learn all about finding your creative flow and becoming a better writer with author Logan Miehl in Episode 17 of the Blogger to Author Podcast.



Logan Miehl writes fantasy and paranormal novels. When she’s not working on her next story, you can find her exploring the great outdoors with her husband, or curled up with a thermos of tea and a good book. She also loves daydreaming, eating dessert, and watching way too much Netflix. Read her debut fantasy novella, An Unlikely Bride, for free when you join her author newsletter at www.loganmiehl.com.


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