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Trends to Watch for in 2018


As we wrap up 2017 and think ahead to 2018, a lot of us are making plans for the coming year (myself included). So, I wanted to take some time to talk about 2018, what I think will be big trends in 2018, and give you some tips for getting started on your first or next book.


First, let’s start with the trends that I think will continue to grow in 2018.


I believe that publishing a book is going to be HUGE for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Over and over again, when I hear my fellow online business owners talking about their goals for 2018, I hear them say that they want to publish a book. And, specifically, the majority of them want to self publish their books. They don’t want to wait the long periods of time that publishers usually require to get a book out into the world, and many of them don’t think that having a traditionally-published book will give them a boost over having a self-published book.


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If a book is on your to-do list for 2018, here are the top two things I think you should do:


  1. Choose a launch date for your book. You don’t have to tell anyone about your date if you don’t want to, but sharing that date will help you stay accountable on track. Even if you’re not ready to share it with your audience, share it with a close friend, your biz bestie, or come tell us in the (free) Blogger to Author Community so we can help you stay on track!
  2. Join my free Set Yourself Apart in Your Niche Challenge! This 5-day challenge will help you create the detailed plan you need to write your book quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you take a deep dive into your content to help you create a book that your readers will actually want to buy. And, you just might find that you’ve written your book already!

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