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Creating a Killer Book Sales Page feat. Bradley Charbonneau


I’m so excited to be interviewing Bradley Charbonneau on the podcast today. Bradley is a very talented and prolific writer, and he credits his success to writing every single day without fail. I think you’ll really enjoy hearing about how making writing a habit can help you finally finish your book and get it published. I also love that Bradley has written several books with kids, a story that he tells us in the interview.



When Bradley Charbonneau took a 30-day writing challenge on Nov. 1, 2012, he had no idea that it would change the course of his life forever. He smashed the 30 days and went on to 100, then 1,000 and is now approaching 2,000. In the meantime, he’s written 4 books, working on another 3, quit his day job and moved his family to Europe. By making one small change and sticking to it Every Single Day, he believes he can do anything–and is doing just that.


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Where you can find Bradley:
Bradley’s Amazon author page
Pass the Sour Cream (Bradley’s website and blog)




Are you ready to see how the power of writing every day can totally revolutionize your blogging and put you on the fast track to becoming an author or writing your next book? Check out Bradley’s free 10-Day Writing Challenge here!



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