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How to Get More Health and Wellness Clients with a Book

As you can tell by the title, “How to Get More Health and Wellness Clients with a Book,” this episode is specifically aimed at those of you who are professionals in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. I’ve spent many years first being passionate about, then working in, this industry, and three of my four books are fitness books. Most of my clients are also in health and wellness, which means I have a LOT of experience with health and wellness books. I also interact with many, many professionals in the industry.

One of the big things I notice when it comes to helping health and wellness professionals write their books is that they often don’t see what a huge impact a book is going to have on their business. They often look at a book in terms of book sales and how many copies they can sell a month. But, by focusing on book sales alone, they’re missing the big picture.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through all of the ways that your book will help you build your health and wellness business or blog. I’ll tell you exactly how your book will help bring more clients to your business, clients who want more than just a book. You’ll get a better picture of how a book will help you increase your revenue much more than by simply selling books. And, you’ll see how your book is the key to taking your health and wellness business to the next level.

Are you working to build a health and wellness business? Learn how a self-published book can help you get more clients and grow your health and wellness or fitness business faster!


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(This is a direct transcript of the episode. Please excuse any typos.)

This is aimed at those of you who are in the health and wellness niche looking to build businesses, whether that is as a blogger or as a service provider, maybe you’re a course creator, maybe you lead online boot camps, whatever it is you do in the health and wellness industry. I want to tell you how a book will help you get more clients. So let’s talk about how a book does that for you because really that’s the crux of it, right? So first and foremost, a book is going to help you build authority and credibility and it does it almost instantly. People look at authors differently than they do non authors first and foremost, because having a book shows that you know enough about the subject to write a book and that just shows that you’re an expert. You don’t have a superficial amount of knowledge.

You actually have a lot of knowledge on the subject. So that’s one way. A book also shows that you get things done and that you finish things and that shows that you’re serious about what you do. You want to hear more about that. Actually had a really great discussion with a Dana Malstaff of boss mom on my most recent podcast as of the time that I am recording this. You can listen to that whole interview at bloggertoauthor.com/74 and that it was a great look into how books help you build your business in general. And it absolutely applies to health and wellness business professionals. Um, so just again, think about that book as really being your calling card. It helps you establish yourself and establish authority and credibility. And at the same time it shows people that you are an expert in your niche.

You are a thought leader. You are able to take the information that’s out there in the world and you’re able to synthesize it and put it together in new unique ways. Put your unique spin on it and put it into something that again just gives you instant expert status. And in your mind, just think about, you know, people in your space or people you know who don’t have a book, but maybe they’re still seen as pretty expert people. And then think about somebody similar who does have a book out. It is just a huge, huge transformation and luckily it doesn’t have to be published through a traditional publisher to have a huge impact. Um, I mentioned the interview I just did with Dana Malstaff. She built her business to six figures and beyond by self publishing a book. Uh, if you’re in health and wellness, you may know Todd Durkin, he’s a very famous to personal trainer who’s building a huge, huge brand himself and his name, he self published a book.

Um, there are a lot of people in the space who are big names, who have self published. So don’t feel like you have to get a deal with a traditional publisher to have that big impact. You can absolutely do it if you are self publishing. Um, so again, establishing that authority and credibility, how is that going to bring you more clients when you are doing, say, a live video like this or you’re creating content or whatever. Wherever you’re at driving people to your website, if they go to your website and see that you have a book, instant authority and credibility booster, if you mentioned in your elevator pitch or in your intro to whatever you do, that you have a book, instant authority and credibility booster and even and especially when you launch your book, you can also get a lot of press around that, get booked on podcasts and some cases even get local media attention and maybe beyond, uh, and that can absolutely help boost your authority as well.

So there’s a lot that can go along or that can happen along with publishing your book. Another thing I want to you to think about is a book’s place in how your leads or even like a cold lead. Somebody who doesn’t know who you are, how they go on the journey to become a paid client. A book can be a really, really great starting off point for people who want to make a small investment in you. Most people are more willing to buy books and they are to invest, say in a $200 program or especially true if your price points even higher than that, and so having that book, showing your potential clients that you really know what you’re talking about and even better if you can get them some small results are some quick wins with the book. They’re going to want more from you and they’re going to want to invest in your higher price programs and services and coaching or what ever it is you do so when you’re thinking about your book as a whole and especially how it’s going to affect your finances and for example, whether or not it’s a good investment to make.

If you’re spending money creating your book, think about not just how that book is going to, you know, bring in money through book sales and royalties, but really the cash cow is going to be how that book helps you bring in clients. Again, a huge thing is just that instant authority and credibility boost that happens when you have a book. You can use it as an upsell for a lot of things. Even if say, if you see people in person, you could get them to buy your book. If you have an office. I know this is true for some health practitioners, even dietitians. I know that having a book for sale in an office setting can be really helpful. Um, that sort of thing. It’s just another way to, number one, build a stronger relationship with somebody and hopefully get them to be a recurring clients or a higher priced client.

But then in addition, a book is something that somebody who maybe isn’t quite ready to invest in those high priced courses or packages, whatever you offer, they’re going to be more willing to invest in your book. And again, you can build that relationship with your book and get them to be paying customers. Essentially. You’ll hear a lot about how video builds relationships, for example, but you’re sitting here and watching this video. You’re spending a couple of minutes with me if you bought my book, how much time would you be spending with me? And so I think people, they often forget about a book as a real relationship builder, not only because you’re going to help improve people’s lives with your book, in most cases, I think in every case that I can think of that the book you’re going to write, you’re going to be improving somebody’s life, whether it’s inspiring them or actually walking them through steps to help them live a healthier or happier life.

So wherever you’re at, your book’s going to help them at least get started on that journey. They’re going to want more from you when they read your amazing book and see everything you know, they’re going to know you’re an expert after reading your book and then they’re going to want more from you. And that’s gonna. Make them a real prime candidate for investing in your courses and services and programs and coaching or whatever it is you do. So as you contemplate whether or not you want to publish a book and self publish a book, I just want you to think about the whole package. And again, think about your book not just as book sales, but think about the larger picture of how your book is going to fit into your business and everything that it can do for you.


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Are you working to build a health and wellness business? Learn how a self-published book can help you get more clients and grow your health and wellness or fitness business faster!

Are you working to build a health and wellness business? Learn how a self-published book can help you get more clients and grow your health and wellness or fitness business faster!