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Why You Should Go Local to Promote Your Book feat. Nicole Culver


Have you used connections in your community to build your business or to sell your books? I know, I know, it can be really uncomfortable to put yourself out there and meet with people in person. (Shout out to my fellow introverts.) But, those face-to-face relationships can also be one of the most effective forms of marketing you have available to you. Going local can be your key to success both as an author and as an entrepreneur.


Episode 58 features an interview with Nicole Culver, business coach and strategist, and creator of the Local Leverage Method. We talk about the many reasons why you should go local, how to start getting visibility in your local community (including some great actionable steps you should take), and how you can utilize local relationships to sell more books.




Not sure how going local will help you sell more books? Here are some ways that you can consider leveraging your community to sell more books and bring more attention to what you do:


Book Signing & Reading Events – Head into your local bookstore and ask if they’d be willing to host a book signing or reading. Indie booksellers tend to be more open to self-published authors than large chain booksellers, but you can absolutely still do signings at big retailers like Barnes and Noble. Also consider hosting a signing at coffee shops or other locally-owned stores that might relate to your niche. Any store that features locally-owned products is a great place to try, too. (If you’re not sure what you should do for in-person events, check out my interview with Clare Marshall.)


Speaking Engagements – Can you give a talk to any local groups or organizations that will highlight the expertise you share in your book? Think about local volunteer groups, women’s organizations, charitable organizations, or religious groups if they’re relevant to your niche. Check with your local library, too, and see if they’d be interested in having you give a free seminar. At the event, you’ll be introduced as an author, and you can refer to your book throughout your talk.


Local Media – My clients have had really great luck pitching to their local media. In general, local media outlets love to feature people who are local, so it can absolutely be worth it to get out of your comfort zone and go talk to your local newspaper or radio station. And, if there’s enough interest, you might get asked for interviews by larger media outlets. (Need more help getting press? Check out my interview with PR expert Amanda Berlin.)


Here are some local media outlets you might consider contacting:

  • Local newspaper
  • Local magazine, if your area has one
  • Local affiliates of network television stations (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox)
  • Local access television stations or channels
  • Local radio stations
  • Websites or blogs focusing on local news and events



Nicole Culver helps influencers and bloggers get more VISIBILITY + REACH so they can INCREASE their INCOME. She teaches strategies to get more visibility so they can do what they love and steadily increase income. Nicole helps you increase your visibility, be the go-to expert in your niche, and steadily grow your income doing what you love! Nicole is a work-at-home mom of three girls, loves the early morning and drinking too much coffee.


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