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How to Keep Your Book Writing Motivation


It can be hard to stay on track when you’re writing a book. Bloggers and entrepreneurs have a to-do list that’s a mile long, from posting on social media to emailing their list to everything else they need to do to keep building their audience so they can continue to make money.

I know a lot of you have started a book (or have planned to start a book), but then you get sidetracked. It’s happened to me, too. But, if you’re going to become an author and ultimately get all of the benefits that come along with having a published book, you have to stick with it. In this episode, I’m giving you three simple actions you can take to make sure that you stay motivated and keep up momentum so you can get your much-needed book out into the world.




If you’re struggling to stay on track with your book, the biggest thing I can recommend to you is to remember why you’re writing your book. When you keep reminding yourself of all of the good your book will do, it’s easier to keep putting more effort into finishing it.


First, think of your readers. How are they going to benefit from your book? What are their lives going to look like after they read your book and apply what you’re teaching them? How are you going to help them live a better, happier life?


Don’t be afraid to go through old social media posts or blog posts. Look at the comments. Who is thanking you for what you do? (I actually keep a file of positive comments that I go back to when I’m feeling down, discouraged, or unmotivated.) Then, ask yourself: do you want to let them down? Do you want to keep them from reading a book that could really truly help them?


Next, make a list of everything that your book will do for you and your business. Is it going to help you build your status as an expert in your niche? Is your book going to help you bring in more clients? Can your book help you earn the money to get to a particular milestone or financial goal? Will your book open the door for you to pursue other dreams, like becoming a speaker?


Take the list of reasons why your readers need your book and the list of reasons why you need your book and display them prominently. When you’re constantly reminded WHY you need to write your book, it will be easier to stay motivated.


Be sure to listen to the full episode to get even more tips for staying motivated as you write your book!


If you still have trouble staying on track, consider getting some outside accountability. You could join a group of prospective and current authors (like the free Blogger to Author Community on Facebook), or if you need more individualized support an attention, consider hiring a mentor or coach to help you through the book writing process.


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