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My #1 Copy Writing Tip

Whether you are selling a book, getting clicks to your blog content, even just writing emails for your mailing list to drive traffic to your blog, you’re actually selling something. It’s the same act of selling, whether it’s a click to your website or asking someone to buy a product. So, learning how to sell through copy is incredibly important for every blogger to master.

My #1 Copy Writing Tip: The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Write and Sell Your Book


There is one trick that I work through with my own copy writing clients, and with the copy that I write for myself. My number one tip is this: you must focus completely on your ideal client. If you’re a blogger or an author, your ideal reader is your ideal client. When you really know how to write to your ideal reader or client, you’ll get more conversions, whether that’s readers clicking through to your website or people buying your book or other product or service.



If you haven’t already, you really do need to take the time to narrow the niche that you’re going after to make sure that your marketing is effective. If you’re not using the right copy or the right words, your followers or your readers aren’t going to respond because your words aren’t resonating with them. You really need to know who they are, what makes them tick.



The most important thing you need to know about your ideal client or reader is their pain points. What do they struggle with? Where do they feel stuck? You need to really nail down your avatar in order to be able to speak to those pain points or struggles. Speaking to your avatar’s pain points is what’s going to make them buy your product, your service, or your book. That’s what’s going to make them read your blog. You need to be able to tell them why reading your post or buying your book is going to solve a problem that they have.

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It does take some time to really solidify your avatar. During the process of fleshing out a reader avatar, I encourage all of my clients to do a lot of listening. Listen to the existing followers that you have on your Facebook page, on your Instagram account, or even friends who would closely resemble ideal readers. Offer to take them out for coffee. Or, I’ve even done video or phone interviews where I’ve sent somebody a Starbucks gift card for 10 or 15 minutes of their time.


When you’re talking to an ideal client, or even if you’re just polling your followers, take the time to sit down and ask, “Where are you stuck? Why haven’t you gotten to where you want to be?” Having the answers to those questions is gold mine for writing good sales copy and good copy in general. Always be asking your audience questions on social media or through your blog so you can learn more about them and their needs. Then, take the time to really listen.


Here’s a great tip: listen and focus on the words your ideal clients and followers are using. If you can use the words that your ideal clients are using, that’s going to make your copy resonate with them so much more strongly. Including the words or phrases they use will make them say, “Yes. This person understands me. I want to invest in them, because they get where I’m coming from.” Using their words is going to help you build trust that will make them want to invest in you, whether it’s your product, your service or even if it’s just reading your blog.



If you haven’t yet, take the time to sit down and figure out who is your ideal client or your ideal reader. To whom are you trying to speak? Really narrow down their pain points, focusing on where they’re struggling and where they’re feeling frustrated. Think about the emotions they’re feeling and sell to those struggles in your copy. When your readers and clients know that you truly understand where they’re coming from, you’re going to resonate with them, and that’s going to build a relationship that will ultimately turn a reader into a client or customer.