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Search Engine Optimization for Authors feat. Glenneth Reed

If you’re running a blog or business online, you know how important search engine optimization is. But, many authors tend to forget about the importance of SEO because they’re focusing on finding new readers on social media or setting up book signings. Smart authors realize that potential readers are searching for their books on both Amazon and Google, and they implement an SEO strategy to help them sell more books.


In Episode 32 of the Blogger to Author Podcast, I’m excited to feature an interview with SEO and online marketing expert Glenneth Reed. Glenneth is an SEO pro and she shares some great tips to help get your book sales page, blog, and website to show up in search engine results. You’re going to love the actionable tips that she gives you so you can go apply them to your website NOW. (I know I did!)


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why it’s important to bump your website up in search engine results
  • Why your online business needs to have a solid SEO strategy
  • How long it will take you to start to see the results of your SEO strategy (hint: it’s not immediately after you make any changes)
  • Why following outdated SEO advice can actually hurt your search engine rankings
  • The steps you should be taking to improve your search engine rankings
  • The top mistakes Glenneth sees bloggers make when it comes to SEO
  • Why you need to make your website fast and mobile-friendly
  • How your photos on your site play into your search engine rankings
  • How good SEO can help you sell more books
  • The steps you should take to optimize your book sales page for search engine traffic



Blogger to Author Podcast Episode 32 - Search Engine Optimization for Authors with Glenneth Reed



Glenneth Reed is an SEO, AdWords, and online marketing consultant for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Her goal is to help make SEO, AdWords, and online marketing easy and affordable. Glenneth lives in Knoxville, TN and is part owner of an internet marketing agency full-time. Her hobbies are weight lifting, walking, and social media.


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Where you can find Glenneth:

Glenneth’s Website



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