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Nonfiction Self-Publishing Services

Need some help planning and writing your own book? Or, do you simply need someone to write your book or other content for you? Let me help you with the following services:


Book Mapping Session

This session is perfect for any nonfiction author who is struggling to come up with a plan or outline for their book. You’ll receive an exclusive set of worksheets to go through before our call to make sure you get a ton of value out of the call. Based on your answers from the worksheets, I’ll also do a little market research to help us make sure that you’ll be writing a great book that’s competitive in your market. Then, we’ll have a one-on-one video conference (75 minutes) will help you create a detailed outline for your nonfiction book.  You’ll walk away from the call with a detailed outline that will make your book writing time much easier and more focused, saving you a ton of time during the planning and writing processes.

$197 per session. Click here to schedule your session.

NEW – “Your Best Book Plan” Strategy Session

Have you written your outline or maybe even started to write your book, but you’re worried that your book isn’t going to be any good? I can help. My “Your Best Book Plan” strategy session is an intensive review of your book outline to make sure you’ve included everything you need to in your outline to create an amazing book.

First, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your book, what you have outlined, and your ideal reader. Then, I’ll do some market research for you, saving you the time and the pain of having to do that market research yourself. I’ll combine that with my experience as a developmental editor to help you review, organize, and improve your book outline and plan. Finally, we’ll meet on a 45-minute video call to work together to create a plan for your best book.

You’ll walk away feeling confident that you have an outline and plan for a book that’s actually good, a book that will help you build your business. No more wondering if your book is going to be “good enough”!

$147 per session. Click here to schedule your session.

General Book Strategy

Do you need help making a plan to create and launch your book, or do you need other help with your book? I’d be happy to help!

$97 per 30-minute session, 3 sessions for $250, or 6 sessions for $450. Fill out the form below if interested.


Please fill out the form below if you would like to discuss any of the following services:

Developmental & Copy Editing

If you have a book, blog, or other material that you need copy edited, I’m your girl! I’ll edit your work for grammar, content, flow, and structure. My primary specialty is health and wellness books, but I would be happy to discuss whether I would be a good fit to edit your book if it’s in another niche.

Manuscript Compilation/Collaborative Writing

You already have a lot of content…but you don’t have the time to put it together into a book. I’m here to help! I can help take your blog posts, video and audio transcripts, lead magnets, and other content you’ve created and do the hard work of organizing it into your book.

Ghost Writing

Do you simply not have the time to put together and write your book and are looking for someone to do the writing for you? I can write your book for you, getting the content from you over the course of two to three interviews. I’ll do the hard work so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of being an author.


Want to get in touch so we can chat about your book? Fill out the form below.