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Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Write a Book

We’re getting deep into summer…have you made any progress on your book? Summer can be a special time of year with backyard parties and family vacations, but it can also be the PERFECT time of year for you to write your book.

In this episode, I’ll tell you exactly why you need to get your book written this summer so it’s ready to launch in the fall. It truly is the best time of year to write a book…but to learn the exact reasons why, you’ll need to listen to the episode.

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Write a Book


(This is a direct transcript of the episode. Please excuse any typos.)

Actually, several of my books I have written at least in part in the summer, and that’s partially why I think that it’s a great time to write a book, but I want to go through some specific reasons with you here. Now. First and foremost, now is the time when you need to be writing your book for a full launch and I think fall launches are so great. I’ve coached people through fall launches and their books have had great success. My books that launched in the fall, my book, that’s still my number one best seller. I launched in September of 2015 and it still outsells any of my other books and so just a full launch is a really, really great time. People are starting to come back indoors. They’re starting to pay attention to things like books a little bit more and there are some of you watching who are going to be in niches that actually do even better in the fall.

So for example, right now I am coaching to clients who are publishing cookbooks and these cookbooks are featuring recipes that are a little bit more savory or they’re just a really perfect for fall. And so having that book launch times with the onset of fall is just going to make the book even more successful. So on top of the fact that a lot of people are reading war as fall comes along comes the fact that a lot of people are buying books not only through the fall and especially again some niches, if you are in the food blogging niche for example, like I know a lot of you are, if you deal with food, getting those books out for the holidays per holiday cooking is extremely smart. But let’s not forget gift giving to a lot of authors see a really good book sales in the, um, over the holidays and especially the gift giving holidays.

And so for those of you who want to have your book ready for people to buy as gifts and give to their friends and family, a fall launch is perfect. It’s going to give you a little bit of time to build up some momentum and yes, you could launch your book, say right around Thanksgiving, but I would really recommend that you start at a little bit before that so that you can get in some good reviews. You can build some good buzz and then have that buzz really accelerate you and launch you into holiday gift giving season, so if you’re going to do all of that, if you’re going to get all of that awesome momentum that naturally comes with the holiday shopping season, planned for a fall lunch to plan for a fall lunch. You need to be writing your book. Now. I’m just another little tidbit to or reason why you might want to write your book now is that we have more daylight hours right now and if you’re like me and if you get easily woken up by light, for example, or I just know it’s easier for me to get stuff done in the summer when the days are longer than it is in the fall where it’s kind of cold and everybody wants to hibernate.

I also tend to wake up with the sunrise personally and so it’s easier for me to wake up early and get in a little bit of extra writing. Like say I set my alarm clock half an hour an hour earlier. It’s easier for me to do that in the summer than it is in the winter, winter. All I want to do is sleep. It’s hard for me to peel myself out of bed, for example, at 5:00 AM versus 6:00 AM, so I’m a mom. I have a primarily stay at home with my little one. She’s only have. We only have child care a couple of days a week and so I have to maximize my writing time when I can, my working time. I do that early in the morning, but same thing, if you’re more of a night owl, you can get a little bit more light at nights and you may not want to or you may not feel that urge to go to bed early, quite so much in the summer.

So take advantage of that natural inclination to be awake a little bit more to be energized a little bit more and use that to push you through the writing process so you can get your book out again in time for people to buy a bunch of books in the fall because they’re naturally digging more about staying inside and reading books. And then also again, just to make sure that you have some time to build up some momentum for your book before the book buying season. So if you are encouraged about this and you want to think about writing your book, uh, but maybe say it’s holding you back because you think it’s going to be too hard. You think that you don’t have enough time and you think that it’s going to take you. I don’t even know how many hours. Let me reassure you that it can be faster and easier than you think to write your book.

I wrote my first book in under 30 days, put it together, published it while I was launching my business at the same time. It was crazy, but I was able to do it using this roadmap and this framework that I teach. I also wrote a book last January using that same framework. I wrote the Book and finished the manuscript in three days and it was up for sale on Amazon within a week. And again, I did this by following this framework that I teach to my followers. So if you want to learn more about that framework, I help you get started with a free guide that I have and you can get it by clicking here. It’s a five step guide to creating your first book. So I help take you from the point where you say, yeah, I think I want to write a book to having a solid plan.

Then, I’ll tell you what steps you’ll need to take next to get your book out into the world. So it’s totally free. I make it as quick and easy as possible because I know that you are really busy, you’ve got a lot going on in your life and you don’t have a lot of time to spend doing various things including writing a book, and so like I said, I’m going to help speed that process up for you. Make sure that you get your book written quickly, efficiently, and a minimal amount of time so it can be out there doing amazing things for you, helping you build your authority, helping you solidify your status as a thought leader in your space, helping you make book sales and make money that way. All sorts of amazing things that a book is going to do for you.

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Write a Book


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