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Why You Should Upgrade Your Free eBook

Raise your hand if you have a short eBook on your blog that you give away when readers sign up for your email list. My hand is raised, too—I have one on my fitness blog. An eBook can be a very valuable tool when it helps you build a connection and trust with your readers. Today, I’d like you to consider taking that short eBook to the next level by adding material and publishing it as a full-length book.

Do you have a short eBook you give away as an opt in on your blog? Here's why you should upgrade your free eBook to a full-length book.

Here’s why you should upgrade your free eBook:


If your readers are willing to part with their email addresses in order to get a copy of your book, you know that there’s demand for your book. In a way, you’ve already tested your book idea to see if it has traction. Similarly, if you’re selling your short eBook for a few dollars on your blog, it’s another great indication that you have a profitable idea. And, they’re already on your mailing list, so letting your readers know they can buy a more detailed version of the freebie they’ve already downloaded and enjoyed will be easy.

The logical next step is to upgrade your free eBook into a product that you can sell passively, adding a revenue string to your blogging business. When you sell your book on platforms such as Amazon, you’ll reach new readers who wouldn’t have found you otherwise, expanding your sphere of influence. And, not only does having a book add legitimacy to your brand and platform, but it also can lead to wonderful opportunities like speaking engagements and features on big media outlets.


It’s likely that you have several thousand words already written in your eBook. That’s a really great start to your self-published book. You’ll definitely have to add content—the very shortest books are generally at least 10,000 words, usually closer to 15,000 words—but you’ve finished one of the hardest steps, getting started.

Having finished a good chunk of content for your current short eBook, it will be a lot easier to upgrade your free eBook and turn it into a book that you can sell on Amazon and with other booksellers. Since you already have a good chunk of the work started, it shouldn’t take much time to finish writing the first draft of your book.


How should you go about adding to and lengthening your existing short eBook to create your full length book? Here are some options:

  • You can draw from reader feedback and questions you receive about your book and similar subjects to create a full-length book that will truly help the people who buy your book.
  • Contact readers who have downloaded your book and ask the what they thought of it. What are the next steps they’re hoping to take after reading your book?
  • Do you sell a course or another product? How can you turn the information in your short eBook into a longer book that will also help drive people to your programs or services?

As you’re writing, always keep your ideal reader in mind, making sure that you’re writing to help him or her solve a problem that he or she is struggling with. Focusing on solving one (or several!) of your reader’s problems will ultimately help you sell your book, too.


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