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Should You Write and Self Publish Your Book Now?


You know you want to write a book, but you have so much going on in your blog or your business or your life. Is it really a smart idea to set aside your valuable time to write your book, or should you be spending that time elsewhere? It’s a tough decision for any blogger or business owner to make. But luckily, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to make the decision-making process easier.


In this episode, I’ll help you figure out whether your book will help you meet your immediate goals, whether it’s the right time in your marketplace for your book, whether you actually have the time to write your book, and more. By the end, I think you’ll have a good idea about whether you should put in the effort to write your book now, or whether it can stay on your to-do list a while longer.



I think you should start out the process by asking yourself where you want your blog or business to be in 3 months and in a year. Then, consider the number one thing you want to focus on to get you there. That might be increasing your income, building your email list, increasing your visibility, building more authority, or something else entirely. When you’re very clear about the top thing you need to do, the top measurable statistic you need to meet, it makes it easier to find the things that will support that plan (and the things that won’t).


Here’s an example. Let’s say that my top goal is to double my income to $5,000 a month within the next three months. Everything I do, all of the hours that I work, should be aimed toward bringing in more money. So yes, a book can help me do that, but a book is more of a long-term strategy to bring in money for most people. (That is, unless you have a huge audience of people who are all ready to buy your book the day it launches.) My time would be better spent elsewhere in the next three months, and perhaps then it would be a better time for me to work on my book.


But, say you’re working on building a bigger platform this quarter. You really want to make a name for yourself and become known to a wider audience so you can do bigger and better things with your audience. A book can (and will) absolutely help you do that. So, in that case, a book would fit really well into your overall goals for the next three months.


Taking the time to figure out where you want your business to go will help you figure out whether a book will help take you there. And, of course, if you have any questions about how a book can help you, I’d be happy to answer them. Come by my free Facebook community and ask!


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