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Write Your Book like a Pro feat. Gabriela Pereira


I’m excited to have author and writing expert Gabriela Pereira back on the show. Gabriela is an expert on all things writing, and she helps aspiring authors create books that their readers truly enjoy. You can hear our first interview in Episode 24 where we talked about why she created her brand, DIY MFA, why she chose to work with a traditional publisher, and more.


In this interview, we’re diving into planning and writing a book. Gabriela has created a framework for creating a truly amazing book that she’s sharing with us in this interview. If you’re still in the planning process for your next book, I know you’re going to love what she has to say. But, even if you’re deep into creating your book, I know you’re going to learn some things that will help you improve your book so you can publish a truly amazing and helpful piece of writing.




Gabriela Pereira is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who wants to challenge the status quo of higher education. As the founder and instigator of DIYMFA.com, her mission is to empower writers, artists and other creatives to take an entrepreneurial approach to their professional growth. Gabriela earned her MFA in creative writing from The New School and teaches at national conferences, regional workshops, and online. She is also the host of DIY MFA Radio, a popular podcast where she interviews bestselling authors, and author of the book DIY MFA: WRITE WITH FOCUS, READ WITH PURPOSE, BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY (Writer’s Digest Books, 2016).


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Where you can find Gabriela:

DIY MFA Website
DIYMFA Radio (Gabriela’s Podcast)



Click here to get access to Gabriela’s free Starter Kit. This kit will help you get jump started on your path toward becoming a writer and author, and it will teach you some of the tips and tricks Gabriela learned while getting her MFA, too!

Gabriela also has a free Cheat Sheet to help you turn your knowledge and genius into a book. Get access to the Cheat Sheet here.



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